Hayes Residence

Fall and winter, 2015 – ’16
For this project, Jeremy Szopinski and I painted scenes of Minnesota in the Hayes Residence assisted care facility, in St. Paul, Minnesota. The large basement activity room had been recently remodeled to add three semi-private “Retreat Rooms”, so we painted landscapes found throughout the state where people may go for a retreat.

A view of the North Shore of Lake Superior

The landmark Split Rock Lighthouse, in Silver Bay, Minnesota.

We painted over pipes and heating vents to hide the objects within the mural painting.

Animals common to the area were painted into the mural for views to discover as they explored the paintings.

The retreat areas, semi-private rooms for meetings and activities.

A prairie scene with a stream in Southern Minnesota.

Purple and yellow coneflowers add pops of color to the landscape and a pheasant can be found walking alongside the prairie and a field of corn.

Finishing out the 360 degrees of painting, a lakes scene was painted with a waterfall, lily pads, and cattails.

Rainbow trout and a painted turtle swimming among the lily pads.